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Face it folks living within one’s means has been perfected to the level of an art form by the middle class. So much so that if it were an Olympic sport, the Gold would’ve been purchased when the prices were at an all time low, the Silver would’ve been age old (cause silver is for life) and the Bronze would have been picked up from the neighbourhood scrap dealer. 

Now with the prices of the essential skyrocketing, prices of the ‘luxuries’ (that’s the way we refer to an extra pair of shoes) are almost out of bounds! So maybe the art of thrifty spending should be taught in schools. Come to think of it, it should replace a fancy-schmancy discipline like economics in Ivy League colleges! But for those who find themselves short changed in the long lines at luxury malls, here’s a few tips that may benefit you on your next shopping spree!

1. Always check the price online and then do some leg work to find a store in your area that has more or less the same merchandise at a fraction of the cost! It’s called a surplus or a seconds store and before you go off being a snob or a purist, most surplus stores have the same quality of goods as their name brand counterparts with one small defect that your eyes won’t be able to detect! 


2. In the case of accessories like sunglasses, be smart, try on as many pairs as you like at the neighbourhood optician and then look for a similar design online! Just the opposite of step 1. And guess what? Just as effective! Ask my new generic Wayfarers that cost me 10 percent of what a Ray Ban would have!

3. When shopping, leaving your credit card behind is almost always a good idea. With a finite amount of money to acquire what your heart desires, you will make sure you work extra hard to get a bigger bang for your buck!

4. Having a buddy along to keep you strong in the face of a ‘bargain’ is an excellent idea! 

Just 4 simple steps and you’re sorted… Remember to have fun, you needn’t have a pocket the size of your waistline! (Or mine anyhow!!)

At HitPlay, we love what we do.

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From the coming we’re going to do things on this blog a little differently. In what way, you ask? Simple, wait and watch… here’s a little hint though, more tech, with more fun stuff and a dose of humor! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

In a world of facebook, 3G and online gaming, the Salt & Pepper ‘Bots have walked all the way from the UK to India to take back spices for the British palette. Wind’em up and let them wage war on bland food.