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Being at the right place at the right time is most important. You could think you’ve got a great game going for yourself. But, if you’re too early or too late, you’re not going to eventually end up winning.

Note, the same goes for gifting. Sending your customers, associates, family or friends gifts too late or early, really leaves you under achieving. In times when gifts occupy a larger numbers in courier bags and post offices, such as during X’mas, Diwali, etc. a good timing is perhaps your presents being received 2 weeks prior. Because, at such times clients (especially) receive so many gifts that many of them either don’t find the time to open them or/and may regift them to another. Sending your gift early will take the receiver by an unexpected surprise and you may even receive a thank you note from him (or her) before another gift is received. Also, your receiver will feel that you’ve been thinking about this before anybody else did.

On occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, it’s best to send in your gifts at midnight. Again the first mover wins.

As always, when gifts start coming in so do the expectations. For, when you want to create an impression, you’ve got to be on top of your game.

They say that time and tide waits for no man, but here is the Melting Bookshelf Clock which will certainly help you view time in a totally different manner. In fact, for those who prefer to delve into the world of magic mushrooms might actually think that they have the ability to bend time to their whims and fancies, although we know that that itself is more of an overactive imagination than anything else.

Melting Clock

Looking as though this is something from the world of Alice in Wonderland, it is actually a conversation piece that is both artistic while precise. You could very well say that this is proof that time is not rigid, but is fluid instead, as the entire timepiece does look as though it is about to flow down to the floor.

The original version created by Dali, it does leave your guests wondering whether this is a clock or a piece of art at first glance.

This AirSwitch tc won the Economic Times Most Innovative Gift of the Year Award on 18 Sep, 2011.

Seeking a gift for Diwali, the festival of lights? Try this.

Gifting your client something over a visit or lunch adds value to your sales pitch or ongoing relation. A unique, personalized, innovative, carefully selected and well packed gift is the best surprise you may put forward as an informal gesture over your meeting. A good gift often breaks the ice of a formal relationship with your client making it more personal.

Gifts such as alarm clocks on wheels, a Salt & Pepper switch and air controlled lamps, easily get conversations traversed beyond corporate boardrooms. Some websites such as HitPlay are experts in gifting.

At HitPlay, personalized, branded and well wrapped gifts can be acquired in small quantities starting from 1 - 60 and delivered within’ 2 days for those last minute meetings. To save on costs, one can also join a loyalty program or use the deal finder the website offers.

Such gifts create an everlasting impressionable identity with your clients. You may inquire about loyalty programs here: connect@hitplay.in.